Please fill in the Order Form and fax it to +853 2835 6165 or send email to us.

Payment Method

1. Credit Card

2. Via Bank
Please deposit Cash or Cheque into our bank accounts at least one Bank's working day prior to the delivery date:

     (1) ICBC (Macau) Account Number 0119 1006 000013415 63
          Account Name ˇ§Greenfield Floral and Gift Designˇ¨

     (2) Bank of China (Macau Branch) account Number 21-01-10-245742
          Account Name "Greenfield Floral and Gift Design"

     (3) Pay with PayPal
          Account name:

A copy of the Deposit Slip should be sent by fax on +853 2835 6165 or send email( to us clearly marked with the Senderˇ¦s Name or Company.